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Places to visit: National Oceanographic Museum (Institute of Oceanography) – Long Son Pagoda – Po Nagar Cham Tower - Mineral Mud Bath


*8h45: Company bus together with tour guide picks you up at your hotel

National Oceanographic Museum
Long Son Pagoda
Po Nagar Cham Tower

*9h15: The destination is Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography - the biggest center for marine scientific research in South East Asia.

- Visitors will have firsthand experience of seeing the museum of sea creatures with more than 20,000 samples of over 4,000 types of sea and freshwater fish as well

- Here is particularly stored a Humpback Whale skeleton of nearly 26 meters in length and 3 meters in height

*10h30: visit Long Son Pagoda.

- You will visit and learn about the formation of Long Son Pagoda - the largest temple in Khanh Hoa province built in Binh Tuat Year 1886

- Then you will come and see the School of Buddhist Studies and the headquarters of the Buddhist Association of Khanh Hoa Province

- You will see the large bronze statue of Buddha Sakyamuni weighs 700kgs and 1.6 meters high, the Cundi Statue with eighteen arms, the Statue of Buddha sitting sermon, etc

*11h-11h45: Visit Po Nagar Tower.

- You can admire the architectural complex of the Champa culture built from the eighth century to the thirteenth century

- Learn about Champa Culture

*12h: Have traditional meal or serving grilled meat rolls for lunch at restaurant.


*13h: Nha Trang Hot Spring Center.


- You can have temperate aquatic therapy treatment and health care services by natural mineral mud to enjoy the wonderful moments of relaxation (expenses excluded)

*15h: Tour guide with company bus takes you back to your hotel.


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