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Spectaculars Of The Nile 3 Nights




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Experience hospitality at the city, from its stunning to vibrant culture, architecture and exquisite cuisines.

Take a weekend trip on the occasion and create a memorable experience with your loved one. If you are a sun and sea lover, this paradise offers you an array of splendid sandy beaches, where you can spend time relaxing or go on a refreshing yacht experience. And if you are a history lover, explore the birthplace of many civilizations, empires, historic figures and legends together with diverse mixture of many different ethnic origins.

Day 1
Arrive to the city and transfer to your hotel. Check in and spend the day at leisure.

Day 2
After breakfast, go on the Boshphorus cruise and the Spice market tour. Enjoy the traditional excursion along the waterway separating Europe and Asia. The shore is lined with old wooden villas, palaces of marble, fortresses and small fishing villages. Witness major highlights whilst sailing such as the Dolmabahçe Palace, the parks and pavilions of the Yildiz Palace. Visit the colorful Spice Market to buy local spices and shop for souvenirs.

Day 3
Begin your day with a delicious breakfast and go on your city tour on seat in coach basis, the heart of the Imperial Center from where the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires once ruled. Explore the Hippodrome, a beautiful park known as the Byzantine chariot racetrack – a stadium capable of holding 100,000 people. There are three great monuments in the Hippodrome, the Egyptian Obelisk of 1500 BC, the Serpentine Column from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and the German Fountain of Wilhelm II. Later visit the Blue Mosque, which faces Hagia Sophia and features six towering minarets and spectacular interior covered by overwhelmingly blue Iznik tiles.

Day 4
After breakfast, check out from your hotel and spend the day shopping and exploring the city on your own. In the evening, transfer to the airport and board your flight and return home with great memories of your holiday.

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Ngày : 2 | Đêm : 1

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Spectaculars Of The Nile 3 Nights
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92 jamshaid   17/08/2015 9 / 10
Surender was a genuinely wonderful host, he made himself available at 5am in the morning when I arrived and then fixed me a delicious omelette as I was hungry from the trip. During my stay there, he was readily helping with my various questions and requests for assistance. The room and the bathroom were both very clean. The only downside was the internet connection regularly going down for a few hours at a time. Other than that, everything was perfect, a great place to stay!! :-)
91 SahilAdlakha   17/08/2015 8 / 10
One of the cosiest places I have stayed in.Perfect for an artist or a writer. Actually the best place to sit and read all day.If you sleep with the curtains open in the small room its actually like sleeping under the stars.Small is beautiful ! Perfect fireplace, interiors and great terrace. Am coming back shortly
90 Heather C   17/08/2015 8 / 10
Our first family (children aged 5,8,11) trip to India surpassed our expectations! This cottage was to European standards but was next to a local residence so you feel you have a genuine experience. From the cottage we had great trips to the Buddhist monastery, The Owners orchard in the Hills, shopping for scarves in Kullu and the Hindu temple and hustle and bustle in Manali were all highlights but the great cultural experience and spectacular views are the real secret! I'd highly recommend this cottage - don't forget some warm clothes as well as your summer ones!
89 Mohie65   17/08/2015 6 / 10
We visited with friends for five nights towards the end of April, the cottage is new, large and very well appointed it carries all the creature comforts for an enjoyable vacation. The location just off the highway in Bandrol is superb, a stones throw away from Naggar and Kullu with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Loved the stone exterior and all wood flooring in the cottage. Also an ideal getaway as you are not in the hustle and bustle of the two major towns of Kullu and Manali but both are very accessible for food and recreation.